Monday, November 7, 2011

Go Hard or Go Home!!!

His grace presumes nothing and assumes nothing.  It’s point of impact is where we are really real.  We may be feeling numb on the outer edges of our insides, almost like our problems are somewhat surreal, or as if we have not felt the full impact.  God’s grace, however is found in reality.  It’s reach stretches to further a depth than we can imagine ourselves reaching.  It is gut wrenching and powerful and when in it’s clutches, it is nearly unbearable, but at the same time wonderful and glorious.
His grace, when I realize it, abruptly and violently stops and wrecks the spiraling effects my flesh seems to love so much.  It stops the numbing technique that I was so accustomed to and brings me to life to passionately feel.  How unthinkably amazing. 

I am realizing what a baby I am when it comes to the things of God.  It’s one thing to read the word and become familiar with it’s contents in an intellectual capacity.  But it can be dangerous.  “Knowledge puffs up.”  We can allow pride to have the little toe hold it needs, and that is all it needs.  My knowledge of Him must be powerfully infused with my relationship with Him.  But it must go deeper than that.  There is a level of trust involved that is absolutely insane.  Only a few real people make it to this level of relationship.  To  believe that His word really works and surrender my life to living that way.  It engages me into intimacy with Him at a whole new level.  You wanna  put spiritual hair on your chest?  “Confess your sins, one to another, that you may be healed.”  You know the ones.  Hurts, don’t it?  Hurts like hell.  I’ve heard some say not to count the cost, but to blindly trust “his ways to be higher than ours.”  While we should trust in a God we can’t always see, as far as cost goes, count it.  Then painfully dive off the cliff of obedience.  Scary??  Scream if you have to.  Beat your chest with both fists to prepare yourself.  Then run at that cliff with all of the speed and fury you can muster up. 

And then, (whoosh) in one second of fear, sweat, tears, sacrifice and glory………………………………….    Leap.